Wire Fraud Disclosure

Wire fraud, email hacking, and phishing attacks are on the rise. This is a significant problem in the title industry. If you have a transaction with Title Mark, LLC and receive an email containing contradictory 'Wire Transfer Instructions' DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL. Instead, please call your escrow officer/closer immediately (using previously given contact information) to verify wiring information prior to sending funds.

One of the common fraud actions is to create an email similar to a realtor’s email or the title agent’s email. The email appears to be legitimate. Review the email carefully with a critical eye.

Another common fraud is the actual hacking into an email account and sending email from the legitimate account, only with the fraudulent instructions. We have the best security available, so hacking should not happen. However, hacking is common with gmail, yahoo, aol, and other common email providers.

If you have any question whatsoever, please call your closer or closing team to confirm the instructions. Please call the office numbers listed on this website. DO NOT CALL NUMBERS listed on the emails, contact our offices directly.

Fraud will not happen if we all take reasonable precautions.