Why Title Mark Commercial?

Why Use Title Mark, LLC Commercial?

Need a Title Company in Minnesota or one that understands your Commercial transactions?

  • We have been providing quality title services for over 33 years.
  • Our focus is on Commercial, Construction, and Development transactions in Minnesota.
  • We have significant experience providing title services for SBA transactions. We know SBA title policy requirements inside and out.
  • We will beat all SBA deadlines. In fact, we've never missed one.
  • Service is Key. An experienced Commercial Closer will personally handle your transaction.
  • Let us simplify your life. Over the years, we have developed procedures to streamline our services in order to provide the shortest possible turn around times with the highest quality of information.
  • Our competitive rates will surprise you.
  • Relationships are everything. You need a partner that understands your business.

We recognize there are many title companies in the marketplace providing title services for standard Commercial transactions. However, Commercial transactions are unique and complex requiring a title company that can consistently deliver what you need - Quality, Service and Relationships.  At Title Mark, LLC, we hope we can do for you what we do best; provide top quality Commercial title services.

Please call Brad Solheim at (952) 442-7766 or bsolheim@titlemark.com or one of the closers at our offices to learn how we can assist we you with all of your title and closing needs.