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Obtaining a Survey

Before Title Mark, LLC can provide survey coverage, you will need to provide us with a current survey. You should keep the following in mind regarding obtaining such survey:

1. Factors Determining Survey Requirements - The parties, through their respective counsel, need to specify in writing, the survey requirements to the surveying company and Title Mark, LLC as the title agent. The purchase agreement may identify the rights and obligations of the parties. Financing may also add additional requirements.

2. Title Commitment Language Regarding the Survey - Our standard commercial commitment language specifies "ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Minimum Standard Detail Requirements dated ____ and all Table A Optional Survey Responsibilities and Specifications. (Emphasis added)." We recognize the parties may not wish to have complete survey work done. We are just identifying the standard commercial commitment language.

3. Title Mark, LLC Does Not Order Survey Work To Be Done - Title Mark, LLC does not commit any party to pay for any work to be done. This is strictly to be done in accordance with arrangements made by the parties, typically in the purchase agreement. If there are certain survey requirements by the lender, it is the borrower's option to proceed with the loan or negotiate terms of financing.

4. Title Mark, LLC Must Have the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Work Done if Survey Coverage is Sought - Anything more than our minimum requirements is for the buyer and lender's benefit. The buyer and lender may feel additional work will be extremely valuable and protect their interest, but is does not directly affect the proposed title insurance policies to be issued, unless the buyer or lender require additional endorsements. The certifications will read:


This is to certify that this map or plat and the survey on which it is based were made (i) in accordance with "Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys," jointly established and adopted by ALTA and ACSM in 1997, and includes Items ______ of Table A thereof, and (ii) pursuant to the Accuracy Standards (as adopted by ALTA and ACSM and in effect on the date of this certification) of a(n) [Insert "Urban", "Suburban", "Rural" or "Mountain/Marshland" here].


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